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Frozen Art

When you want a statement piece that sets your event above and beyond the rest.... you need the Ice Artistry and Skilled Work of Michelle Scott.

With years of experience in the Ice Arts, Michelle will bring life and beauty to your event and leave people in awe.


The experience will be talked of for years!

Michelle Carving Ice_edited.jpg

Ice Work Options

Ice Blocks



have a Beautiful floral theme and want something to

truly make it pop?

Check out these options...


Buffet Chillers

For a Lovely change of pace,

add our unique chillers to feature

H'ordeuvres for that Cocktail Hour, Social Event Pop,

or that perfect element to

add panache to your Buffet...


Wine & Spirits

Wine and fine Spirits served at the

best temperature showcases the quality and subtle differences of each to their best advantage.

Make this happen in style with our Stunning Wine Arches

and Spirit Luge!



A momentous event such as a Milestone Birthday, Retirement, Baby Shower, and more can be made all the more memorable with a lovely and fun Work of Ice Art



Have a Special Event coming up with your Military, Business, Charity, or Religious Organization?

Let us make you something unique...

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