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The EW Experience

Our services are not mere food, drinks, and ice; it's an experience for the senses.

Below you will find a small selection of the types of events and how we can make them memorable for you.

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From Simple Delicacies to Detailed and Sublime - Let us take your taste buds on an Adventure



Buffets are a great answer

to many event meal solutions.

Not requiring individual table service

allows our staff to focus on

keeping a larger selection of items

refreshed and ready for guests.

These can be provided

with service, or set to have guests

help themselves.



Need a less formal option?

Luncheons are an elegant answer!

Sandwiches, Salads, Rolls, and desserts. Hearty Soups, Hot Meat and 2 Vegetables. Charcuterie with a Dessert Bar.

So many different things to choose from that will please your guests.



It's Party Time!

Have a life event on the horizon such as a Retirement, Milestone Birthday,

Or maybe a Graduation?

These are just a few event styles we can handle with ease while you sit back, enjoy your guests,

and make wonderful memories.



That special someone getting married?

A New Bundle of Joy on the Way?

These beautiful life occasions are

blessings full of smiles, happy tears, and laughter.

Handling these events can be stressful as you want them super special.

Let us ease your mind as we

make the food and drinks

a perfect compliment to your theme.



Want a fun occasion full of finger licking goodness?

Chefs Eddie and Michelle

present you with their

Cookout Bar-B-Que Option.

Whole Hog Pig-Pickins - we have you covered.

A Selection of Grilled Meats from Juicy Chicken to Tender Steaks and more? 

This style is perfect!

Contact us today to talk details.

Flint Event_edited.jpg


Scheduling an event for your business

can be daunting.

We take away the worry with tasteful Buffets, Sit Down Dinners, Cold Collations, and Charcuterie choices.

Add in Chef Michelle's Desserts

and your clients or employees

will be delighted.

From a Donor Gala,

Business Meeting, Marketing Luncheon,

or Yearly Holiday Parties,

you have a recipe for success!

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